Shotover F1 System


PDG Helicopters have taken delivery of a brand new Shotover F1 camera system.

The Shotover F1 camera system is the most flexible aerial camera system available as it can be fitted with over 120 different camera and lens combinations covering broadcast television and digital cinematography. The F1 has rapidly become the most requested aerial camera system available with directors and DOP's demanding its use for their productions. It features a rock solid 6-axis gyro stabilized gimbal with a unique design that allows it to look vertically while remaining completely controllable.

PDG's system can also be used with a motorised polarizer and the highly effective rain spinner/deflector that allows the system to film in light rain without spoiling the image quality.

The most unique feature of the F1 system is the ability to use your own camera and lens inside the F1 system, please contact us for further details.